Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Media 210 Journalism & Society - 9/5 Tabloids

 Media 210 Journalism & Society - 9/5 Tabloids

One similarity of the Daily news and the metro/AM NY is that they both are interested in getting the attention of the readers. making sure the most significant part of the story is easily viewed and said in the first part of the story.

All publications try and get the most shocking story on the front page, not necessarily the most important to humanity, but what readers want to see. 

The differences between the metro/AM and daily/Post is that the AM/Metro are much shorter and cant give as much detail. they give the main gist of the story and move on. the Daily/Post are able to go in more deeply to the meat of the story.

Even though the AM and Metro are both short to the point tabloids, the metro seems to take on more international stories, while the am does stories that lean more towards gossip. the am also has much more advertisement, the daily/post also have a great amount of advertisements but with that much more page space to give.

Th Metro seems to also quote or use other publications in stories, such as TimeOut and the Times to get details or to feed off of

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