Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Museum of the Moving Image

 Museum of the Moving Image

What I found really interesting at the beginning of the museum tour was the ideas people had  before cinema. Since I work in theater, i always take to heart when people recognize that theater was movies way before movies became anything. The idea to capture images were done with portraits and then camera, from pictures can flip books and then the actual capturing of moving images. and how the usage of capturing moving images were first used for science. which is how a lot of entertainment starts because science is where the money is. 
i really like the Charlie Chaplain flip book movie projector, i remember when I first learned about how these devises would be places all over a room and people would come see it, just like your own personal movie theater. 
I enjoyed the personal interactive  computers that showed all the jobs that come with a movie/television production. I feel like everyone wants to be an actor or a director. Students a lot of time don't know how many niches there are when it comes to production Ive been working as a stage manager for years and its really hard to explain when I do for a living. The stage manager for a set is similar to that in theater but a stage manager for a movie/television production is more technical based then theater. 
 What I also found that was interesting was the section where the evolution of cameras were displayed. i heard a lot about the VistaVision camera and how it was the main camera that was used int he 1950's. i noticed that starting in the 50s there were a lot more wide shots and scenery scenes. this was based on the evolution of the wide framed camera. It was neat to see this camera hands on since it was used for when Hollywood was at its peek and so many stars were made.
(VistaVision not seen in this picture.)

Below is the still frame movie I made with the interactive exhibit.... enjoy.
Still Movie: Done at the museum

A Website I Like: Santa Fe Opera

           The website i decided to do was the Santa Fe Opera website. I decided to apply for jobs in various Opera houses for this summer and this is one of the programs I wanted to work for. Over all the website looks very appealing, the pages have great stage shots of many of the past performances. The description of what the program is displayed on each page and is easily assessable.
the front page is nice and interactive, if you want a general idea of what the opera company entails, then it is pretty self explanatory.
          I really like the color scheme the website chooses. The deep red represents the rich culture involved in the company and it also represents the deep red dust that can be found in New Mexico, there the opera house is located. i like how a lot of the pictures are links to further information, making it nice and interactive visually. the pictures, when clicked give you more information about what is going on in the picture and even more information about other events that you might be interested in.  
          The one thing that was frustrating was it isn't too clear about how to get to the specific information needed to become employed with the opera company. to apply you have to find and print out the application, there is no other way to apply. the link to link navigation that is needed to get the application isn't seen without going through a few pages of mass text that doesn't really have to do with employment. It could be more clear on where to get there forms, it would be best if they were all int he same section instead of having to go through the different departments websites for each application and form. the employment form is in a completely different set of pages then the reference form, but you need both in order to apply for the company.

Monday, April 2, 2012