Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Media 160 Lecture #5 Assignment

Blog Assignment #2

I chose a clip from the movie Breathless, a 1960’s French film. This clip  is the end of the movie so the shots display the last emotions of the characters. The gangsters at the beginning of this scene are looking to kill, the shots are long shots of them in the car and of them shooting Antonio, the main character. The movie thus far has been light but also full of emotion and dramatic scenes between characters, I feel like this shot lets us look and take everything in at once to end the story.

Long shots are used to show  Antonio running away after he is shot. They never show his front while he is running away nor do they zoom in. the camera position is shaky, just like his running. When the camera cuts to Patricia, they use close-ups as well as medium shots, in order to show her emotion. Since both characters have been emotionally involved the whole movie, these distinctive shots are used to separate them.

The music in the background is used to amplify his running after he is shot. The worse he gets the more intense the movie gets. The music softens at the end after he dies.
There is no color and the lighting is natural. Interesting, since many times in movies deaths are set in the dark. Overall thsi scene isn't set in a way that traditional movies are shot for a dramatic ending, which is why I like it, it has minimal close-ups and the camera cuts lightly, not over dramaticly.

Breathless Scene

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