Monday, March 19, 2012

What I See Blog #2

This is an advertisement for a viewing at NYU. I thought t his poster was visually appealing because for the different elements it brings together in one poster. The information is put a long the side, which is different, then most posters you see that advertise art or showings. This makes to reader turn their head and pay more attention to the poster. Next to that is a Polaroid of a man. In advertisements the people that are shown usually attractive or appealing in which way. This man makes the viewer wonder why this poster chooses the picture that it does.
On the right of the poster there are symbols and examples of the art being shown.  This is about a man who is self taught in world many new Yorkers don’t see much of. The drawing on the right is those of this man that is being represented in this exhibit. I like the lines and patterns that the different drawing make in the grid they are arranged in. since there is limited amount of information about the drawings, it makes the viewer intrigued.
One thing I do not like about this poster is the large amount of small font that is shown under the Polaroid. It gives a lot of great information about the man that is being represented but at the same time not many people walking y are going to stop and read all of it. The information in this txt is very interesting and gives a small background about this mans life. If the designer of this poster cut up the information and edited it so it displayed more noticeably on this poster, people would be able to retain more of the information provided.

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